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CIDO and Mariam Foundation Partnership Announcement Video

CIDO and Mariam Foundation Partnership Announcement Video


CIDO is pleased to announce our partnership with the Mariam Foundation of Nazareth. The Mariam Foundation is the official representative of Palestinian cancer patients in hospitals and healthcare services in Gaza. It provides the support that patients and their families require to overcome cancer. The Mariam Foundation offers financial and emotional support, daily companions for children in hospitals when their parents cannot be with them and covers cancer treatment expenses. Together, we hope to raise $100,000 to bring treatment and care to Palestinians with cancer in the only such treatment facility in Gaza.

According to the Mariam Foundation, there are over 10,000 adults and 750 children with cancer in Gaza and currently, many of these patients have lost access to medical care and treatment. The Mariam Foundation is working with the remaining healthcare facilities in Gaza to provide treatment and support for cancer patients. We are proud to partner with the Mariam Foundation to provide lifesaving aid to Gazans suffering from cancer. Lifesaving treatment was difficult in the past. And now, it is virtually impossible. With your help, we will change this.

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A Personal Appeal from Shawky Fahel MSM:

I am pleased to announce that the Canadian International Development Organization (CIDO), the charitable organization I founded in 1998, has established a new Gaza Urgent Relief Fund in partnership with the Mariam Foundation of Nazareth. Our target is to raise $100,000.

You can make a huge difference:

  • $50 provides two days of meals for one cancer patient.
  • $100 provides two weeks of supplies for one cancer patient.
  • A one-time contribution of $250 provides much-needed financial assistance for a family of a cancer patient.
  • $500 provides medical coverage for one cancer patient including medications, surgical prevention services and treatment (mammograms, colonoscopy) and so on.
  • $1000 provides one year of daily companionship for a child with cancer whose parents were denied entry by the Israeli Authorities.

The Story of Nadia, a Child Cancer Patient from Gaza

Nadia, was 6-years-old when diagnosed with cancer. With no medications and treatment available, her parents were forced to send her to the Ichilov Hospital in Israel.  However, being denied entry, her parents were unable to go with her.

As soon as she arrived at the Oncology department, filled with uncertainty and fear, she was greeted by Tia, one of Mariam Foundation’s volunteers of the Mariam Joy project. From the moment Nadia was admitted, Tia was there for her throughout the next year.  Tia visited every day and made sure Nadia had everything she needed. Tia would play with her, support her, and make her journey, even though Nadia was without her loving parents, a little bit easier.

Being there during all the stages of treatment, the two became close friends. Nadia would ask the staff when Tia would come every day, and she was eager to meet with her and have fun. Tia would communicate with Nadia’s parents to update them about Nadia’s health and to assure them that their child was not alone.
This companionship allowed Nadia to be stronger and pull through the treatments to beat cancer. Her parents, who were far away, were relieved knowing that there was someone taking care of their child.


With the help of the love and support of the Mariam Joy project, Nadia has now beaten cancer and is back home with her family.  You can see a summary of Nadia’s journey in this video:


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Information about the Mariam Foundation is at


Thank you for your generosity. If you have already donated, we thank you again. Please share our campaign, to help bring care to Palestinian cancer patients, with your family friends and colleagues.


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