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We’ll be providing equipment and supplies to Scouting organizations in Jaffa, Haifa, Lod, Ramleh, and Kfar Yassif, Israel, as well as the Scout organization in Bethlehem/Palestine to address their basic needs required to enhance their Scouting programs and further the education of their scouts.

With a project budget of $700,000, we will be collecting and assembling shipping containers for scouting, sports and musical supplies and equipment. Once filled, the containers will be shipped to the Middle East and the equipment will be distributed through the local Scouting organizations.

We are grateful to partner with the Rotary Clubs of Kitchener, Haifa and Kfar Yassif on this endeavour. Through this partnership, we are applying for a Rotary Foundation Global Grant in which every dollar contributed will be matched by the Rotary Global program and the Government of Canada.

  •   Project Name

    Lebanese Disaster Relief

  •   Delivered by:

    Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and CIDO

  •   Started Date:

    September 2020

Latest Update

I would like to say Thank You, Shoukran, Merci on your 100 years of your EXISTANCE and support to needy communities in over 30 countries in the world.
As a Palestinian and on behalf of all the Palestinian people I would like to say thank you for the tremendous partnership between MCC ( Mennonite Central Committee ), and The Palestinian people that goes back to 1947 when you established your first office in East Jerusalem.
Finally I would like to thank all VOLUNTEERS and Believers in the Excellent cause of MCC.
May God Bless your efforts. RELIEF, DEVELOPMENT and PEACE IN CHRIST.
Anyone reading this I urge you to donate to MCC.

Project Detail

MCC and CIDO have signed an Agreement to work together to bring more aid to the people of Lebanon following the August 2020 catastrophic explosion in Beirut. It is estimated that over 300,000 people are without homes.

Numerous organizations distributed food immediately after the explosion. Through the CIDO-MCC Agreement, the humanitarian needs, including housing rehabilitation and support for psychosocial activities will continue to be addressed long after many other support organizations have moved on.

Shortly after the disaster, MCC/CIDO launched a nationally coordinated disaster appeal and received strong response from our donors. In Ontario, we have now raised close to $130,000. Additionally, now in Canada, over $322,000 in total has been raised for Beirut, Lebanon! All donations will go towards the hygiene needs, food rehabilitation and clean up in Beirut.

Media release
Sept 8th story in the Waterloo Region Record
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By funding economic development conferences and other related activities, we strive to ensure indigenous communities in the Canadian Arctic have the same opportunities for health and prosperity as southern Canadian communities.

Arctic 360 is a partnership with the Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History, the Munk School as well as Trinity College, University of Toronto.