What does Scouts mean to you?
Some of the scouts members that CIDO has partnered with share their opinions on what Scouts is.
Lia Ashkar, 14 years old.
Orthodox Scouts of Jaffa.
My name is Lia Ashkar.
I am 14 years old and I am a member of the Orthodox Scouts in Jaffa. I joined scouts when I was 7 and I enjoy it very much.Last month we had our summer camp. We camped in a forest in Jerusalem. We lived together like one big family for a week. Scout activities teach us how to respect each other and to care for others, help those in need. We learn how to manage without all the things we have at home. We learn about modesty and how wonderful it is to live in nature. I am very happy I am part of this scouts group. It helps me become a better person with a lot of social skills and how important it is to volunteer. We are now working on a project to help old people in need in my city. I am glad to be part of this project.
Liam Wakileh, 15 years old.
Orthodox Scouts of Jaffa.
My name is Liam Wakileh and I am 15 years old. I am a member of the Jaffa Orthodox Scouts since I was 7 years old. I participate in the weekly activities in the scouts and the yearly outdoor summer camp which lasts a week. This summer camp involves all scout groups, starting at the age of 7 onwards, both boys and girls. The camp gives us an opportunity to live independently in nature. We accumulate a lot of experiences and do outdoor activities which I never get exposed to, if not through the scouts. The camp includes rituals, morning and evening activities, as well as workshops. The scouts group has enlarged my social circle and I have gained a lot of valuable experiences through the scouts. It is my second home.
Lian Ghraieb, 17 years old.
Orthodox Scouts of Kfar Yasif.
Some of the vulnerable values we learn at the scouts are
volunteering in every opportunity I get, being satisfied with what I have, the
ability of taking responsibilities, accepting others as they are and most essentially to become the best type of person who can help in changing our society, a leader.
Scout is not only a place where we meet up to gain all of the benefits above, it also let us become aware of what is happening in our ruthless world. For instance, we talk about the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict .
Personally, I was not that aware of what was happening around me, but after discussing the conflict several times I became more so. Scouts' leaders were starting conversations with us - scouts' team - about what we should do in certain situations like talking to someone whose opinion is different from ours or how to live peacefully with Jewish people and respect them, even though we donʼt have the same perspectives.
In my point of view, it is a privilege for me to be inscouts where I can say whatʼs on my mind, and just feel free to be myself without being afraid from them not accepting me.
George Nasser, 17 years old.
Orthodox Scouts Kfar Yasif.
I think scout teaches us numerous values, one of them is cooperation which is a core value in scout that helps in every domain in life, as well as the ability to work with people of all kinds without racism and that we should respect and admire others even if they differ from us for example coexistence with Jewish people. Nevertheless, sometimes we have to take the reigns and use the value of leadership that our scout emphasizes on and use it in the right way. And by the right way I mean that the team does not work FOR the leader, the leader works WITH the team. Scout doesn't only teach us values, it educates us in every day topics that a lot of youngsters don't know about.

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