B-P: Be Prepared.
Lord Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell (B-P) was a British general and founder of the modern Scouting movement.
With the blasts of a South African kudu horn, Baden Powell started the first experimental boys' scouts camp on Brownsea Island. He brought together 22 boys from different social backgrounds to aid their mental, physical and spiritual growth, to bond, and to learn outdoor activities including camping, observation, woodcraft and lifesaving as well as chivalry and patriotism.
Lord Baden-Powell was a Lieutenant General in the British army who was recognized as a national hero for defending Mafeking town in the Boer War. While in the service, he wrote a small guide for military scouting called Aids to Scouting. After his return to England, it was requested he rewrite the book for boys rather than military personnel due to the vast interest in its teachings. So he wrote a book called Scouting for Boys and prior to the its publication, Baden-Powell held the experimental camp on Brownsea Island where he put into practice his ideas on the training of boys.
From this initial starting point, the scouting movement soon blossomed. In 1909, there was the first National Scout Rally at Crystal Palace. It was attended by 11,000 boys and illustrated the rapid growth in popularity. There were also girls who wished to be part of this new movement. This led to the formation in 1910 of a parallel organization, The Girl Guides, which was run by his sister Agnes Baden-Powell.

The Scouting movement also became an international organisation with scouting groups forming around the world.
Lord Baden-Powell
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Lord Baden-Powell with some boy scouts.
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Baden-Powell inspecting Scouts (1909), illustrating the military roots of the scouts
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As a young Palestinian growing in Jaffa, Israel, Shawky Fahel was extremely pleased to join the only scouting organization in Jaffa, the Terra-Santa scouting group. To become a scout, a boy would promise to be loyal to his country, help other people, and in general obey the scout law; all are values that Shawky adopted and still practises till today.
"It has been my life-long practice to help others. I believe this must be an integral part of our life and I remain committed to this principle. It is with this fundamental belief in mind that I founded the Canadian International Development Organization (CIDO) in 1998."
When he recalls his time as a scouts boy, Shawky says that his favorite memories are sitting around the camp fire and listening to the advise of the elderly. He remembers how primitive the tents they built back in the day in comparison to the advanced technologies available to today's scouting groups. Shawky remarks with an exuberant smile how unlucky they were because girls were not allowed to join the group at that time. (A problem that was faced by all Rotary Clubs around the globe until 1989)
Shawky played the drums which he jokingly noted were bigger than he was.
Young Shawky Fahel,
Terra Santa Scouts of Jaffa (cira1958)
Staying true to his beliefs, giving back to his childhood community and contributing to the Legacy left by Baden-Powell, Shawky launched CIDO's newest project that aims to equip 6 Christian and Muslim scouting organizations in 4 cities in Israel with their needs and necessities.
Message from Baden-Powell
"The most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others."

"Try and leave this world a little better than you found it and when your turn comes to die, you can die happy in feeling that at any rate you have not wasted your time but have done your best. 'Be Prepared' in this way, to live happy and to die happy — stick to your Scout Promise always — even after you have ceased to be a boy — and God help you to do it."

— Lord Baden-Powell

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