CIDO News Release: New Board Member Announced
The Board of Directors of the Canadian International Development Organization (CIDO) is delighted to announce the appointment of Heather Baker, who officially joined the organization on September 15,2019, to the Board.
As a new Board member, Heather, brings a wealth of experience in the following areas: communications and marketing, strategy and innovation, business development, international affairs and fund raising.

CIDO is committed: to relieve world poverty by assisting in economic development efforts: to improve the basic skills in forestation, agronomy, horticulture and encourage the preservation of the environment; to promote the health of communities through education; and, to preserve indigenous communities through initiatives that respect their heritage and traditions.

"Heather has spent many years working in the volunteer sector as a board and foundation member, fund raiser, event chair and board chair or president', said Shawky Fahel, CIDO's founder and President. "In addition, Heather has led several successful health-related initiatives in the UAE and in Doha, Qatar. Her talents, experience and expertise will add tremendous value to CIDO. Her leadership will help our organization achieve our noble objectives".

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