My name is ****** from Rehovot, 15.5 years old, a girl scout of Snir unit.

I wanted to share with you a message that I wrote to my friends and fellow scouts after the seminar.
I'm speechless! It took me some time to comprehend the weekend I've been through, so many emotions, thoughts and experiences in just 3 days.

I came alone from my unit (another boy scout was supposed to attend but he didn't, personal reasons), I was afraid to be lonely and without any help.
But there's a fact, I was so wrong, the directors of the peace badge were aiming to create brotherhoods!

I can say they did incredible work. When I just got into the bus I was fearful, "What I'm going to do here alone?" I told myself, but I can say that those fears were gone in no time, I didn't feel lonely for more than a minute.

We finally arrived to the place after exhausting trip, everyone was so curious and eager to meet other people, but I was still hesitating, I wondered how it'll be to stay with Muslims and Christians in the same room, I was worrying that we will have no common interests, that our conversations will be shallow and pharisaical.

And honestly? I can't think of better way to associate, whether by griping about the early wake-up whistles, or by eating together and mostly by the amazing activities we've been through and methodologies we learned, We even kept a high moral in the heavy rainy order.

I internalized that all of them were just like me! I never imagined that this kind of friendships will be created there, I can confess that the hardest bond I had with a Christian girl from Jaffa, and here's a secret, we cried when we said goodbye.This was so significant for me, the best step I've taken this year by far.

A seminar full of amazing contents, great lectures, interesting stories, getting to know new cultures and simply friends for life. Now, after comprehending what I just been through almost fully I have one question, "How can I continue after leaving all this?" I guess I'll think about it by myself.

I wrote this words while crying, wanting to return. I want to say thank you. Thanks for the most significant 3 days I had this year.

Snir unit

(Name has been substituted with asterisk symbol to respect the privacy of the person who wrote this testimony)

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