CIDO Chairman supports the Israeli Scouts' Messengers of Peace Project.
On Chairman's Shawky trip to the Middle East to advance and discuss CIDO's project with local scouts partners and Rotary clubs, he learned about The "Messengers of Peace" Project that was launched by the Israel Boy and Girl Scouts Federation during his visit.

The Israeli society has a religious diversity of Muslims, Christians and Jews living next to each other but not knowing enough about one another. The "Messengers of Peace" project brought together scout members to explore the idea of living together. This initiative aligns with CIDO's mission of encouraging and promoting Peace and Conflict resolution. In fact, it is specifically what CIDO's our Scouts project is working to achieve with Christian and Muslim scouts from Kfar Yassif, Ramleh, Llod, Haifa and Jaffa.

Chairman Shawky applauded the efforts being exerted to facilitate peace and he supported the project by donating.

CIDO received a "Thank You" Letter from the Israel Boy and Girl Scouts Federation.

Also, the organizers shared with CIDO a testimony from a 15 years scout girl who attended the seminars facilitated by the project. The girl, who is Jewish, was afraid to be in a room full of Christians and Muslims thinking she will not be able to relate. However, in her letter she shares how "This was so significant for me, the best step I've taken this year by far".

This is what CIDO is hopeing to create with the Scouts Porject; a chance of exploration.

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