Tribute to Earl Grummett
Earl Grummett was a husband, a father, and a great grandfather. He was a model in all those roles. Earl Grummett was also a hero. On June the 6th 1944, he landed on the beaches of Normandy and fought for freedom and his country of Canada that he loved so much.

As I reflect on the forty years that Earl was a large part of my life, I think of the moment when our family joined him on these beaches in 2004, 60 years after that terrifying moment when he came ashore as guns blazed.

Earl was quiet, as he always was, but we felt his pain as well as his pride. We sensed so strongly that powerful inner core, his soul, that guided him through life. He was so proud of his country, his family, his 12th field regiment. He brought home a war bride, and they raised a family in the land whose freedom he helped preserve. He never boasted of his medals, such as the French Legion Medal, or the sacrifices that he made. He was a humble man who had done much he did not need to be humble about.

We will miss Earl greatly, but we will forever remember our debt to him in our family. His life represents Canada at its very best.
We will remember him often, warmly, and with profound gratitude.
He was our Hero.

In bidding Earl farewell, I recall Laurence Binyon's immortal words for our heroes:

" They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the year condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We shall remember them."

Earl, we will always remember you.

Your very proud son in-law,
Shawky J Fahel

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