Donation of 75 wheelchairs and 100 Hospital beds to Ramallah and Jerusalem.
Working with the Grand River Hospital in Waterloo Region, wheelchairs were collected and transported to Ramallah by CIDO.
In 2000, working with the Boards and staff of Waterloo Region hospitals (Grand River Hospital, Saint Mary's Hospital and Saint Joseph HealthCare), CIDO was able to lead a very ambitious project of assembling a shipment of 100 hospital beds and 75 wheelchairs.
With the participation of the Canadian Government, through the Department of National Defence and its peace-keeping involvement through the UN in the Golan Heights, (our Canadian troops have since been pulled out of the Golan Heights), the humanitarian shipment of goods was delivered to Haifa, then to St. Joseph's Hospital in East Jerusalem and Abo Raya Rehabilitation Center in Ramallah. The Department of National Defence transported the medical equipment on space made available on their Hercules aircraft.
Before the wheelchairs made their way to Ramallah, they had a very interesting stop.
On August 12, 1998, Constable David Nicholson from the Waterloo Regional Police died in the line of duty while attempting to rescue a drowning kid from the Parkhill Dam. The wheelchairs were donated to be used at his funeral.
Constable David Nicholson

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