Donation of CT scanner to a hospital in Sunyani, Ghana.
In partnership with FH Canada, a charity that collects and refurbishes medical equipment, CIDO facilitated the acquisition and transportation of the CT scanner to Sunyani, Ghana.
The Canadian International Development Organization acquired a battery operated CT Scanner from a Vancouver hospital that could provide a critical diagnostic capability to third-world countries. The machine normally goes for $700,000 but the non-government group got it for about $20,000.

The CT scanner was originally meant to be shipped to the Middle East to improve the health care of Palestinians in the West Bank. However, a three-year process to ship the scanner ran into some UN restrictions. CIDO had then decided to ship the scanner to Uganda where it was involved in a health project. But that did not work out either due to the same restrictions.

That's when CIDO got in contact with another Canadian non-government agency called Kybele. This organization involves medical professionals from many different countries trying to improve childbirth conditions while building medical education partnerships.

In 2010, through a partnership with Kybele, the CT scanner finally found a home in a teaching hospital in Ghana called Korle Bu, and will be one of the very first versions of the medical device in the country. Since it's battery operated, it's also portable it can be transported to sites around the country.

Text adapted from Vrbanac, B. 2010. Local group donating CT Scanner to Ghana. WaterlooChronicle.

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