The Story of the CIDO Maple Leaf
CIDO's Maple Leaf: an emblem of CIDO's humanitarian efforts.
The CIDO Maple Leaf has a proud and exciting history. From its inception, it has been an inspiration to our Founder and Chairman, Shawky Fahel, and a strong symbol of the terrific achievements that can result from objectives to address world poverty through our own humanitarian efforts.
The original maple leaf pin was the brainchild of Mike Cassidy, a cancer survivor, and his friend Steve Moores. Mike and Steve are members of the Kitchener-Waterloo Woodworking and Craft Centre. The Centre is a tenant of the JG Group and was located in our building at 173 Roger Street in Waterloo, Ontario. We have now moved them to our new location at 134 Sydney Street in Kitchener.
Mike and Steve designed the maple leaf pin to honour Canadian veterans. The concept was dear to Shawky's heart as his late father-in-law, Earl Grummett, was a proud veteran who participated in the Juno Beach landing in June 1944.
As a property developer, a strong supporter of our Canadian veterans and a supporter of the Woodworkers, Mr. Shawky spearheaded the distribution of the maple leaf pins locally, nationally and internationally. Over the last five years, he has had the privilege to present over 1,000 of the pins during his overseas travels. Government dignitaries, business leaders, shop owners and hospitality workers have always appreciated receiving the pins and have made positive comments.
In 2019, the Board of Directors of the Canadian International Development Organization (CIDO) was looking for a symbol for its humanitarian fund raising projects. Because of the extreme popularity of the pin, the Board adopted it as the CIDO Maple Leaf and it has become the symbol of our humanitarian foundation.

The maple leaf represents 'Canadian Pride' and honours our Canadian veterans. The CIDO Maple Leaf will represent that pride throughout the world.

All donations to CIDO will be acknowledged with a maple leaf pin. It will be sent to you with our sincere thanks for your generosity and in honour of our veteran heroes. We encourage you to proudly wear a CIDO Maple Leaf.
CIDO Maple Leaf Around the World!
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