The first historical launch of Issa Jabra Fahel Backgammon Tournament.
On August 29, 2019, Shawky Fahel launched the first backgammon tournament in the Waterloo region in memory of his late brother, the patriarch of the family, Issa Fahel.
Over biryani and cold beer, Shawky Fahel welcomed 16 participants to the first backgammon tournament that was hosted at CIDO's office building in Waterloo. The tournament was launched to honor Shawky's late brother Issa Fahel. Issa loved backgammon and always had a board in the trunk of his car. If he knew that you played, he would be ready, willing and able to play on a moments notice. He was a backgammon legend. He never gambled, he did it for the love of the game.
Saturday was a great evening of connectivity, competition, and fun. It was gratifying to see some of Issa's friends come up from Toronto, Hamilton and Israel.
Shawky made the event public and free and his intention is to grow the tournament in the future.

We would like to extend our congratulations to Mr. Fawaz Almasri for winning the first place and to Mr. Tony Fahel for being the Runner up. Their names will be engraved on the trophy. It is an extra special win for both of them as this is our first ever backgammon tournament.

The tournament is meant to be held every three months giving the opportunity to a new winner to engrave his/her name on the trophy!

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