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CIDO (Canadian International Development Organization)
Our Missions
CIDO (Canadian International Development Organization) is a Canadian registered not-for-profit, charitable organization, founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist, Shawky Fahel, with the objective of helping to address world poverty.
Our Objectives
To relieve world poverty by assisting in economic development efforts of communities in the fields of health, transportation, communication, water treatment, energy supply, agriculture and heritage preservation.
To improve the basic skills in forestation, agronomy, horticulture and encourage the preservation of the environment.
To promote the health of communities through education and by instructing the public on prevention of and curative measures for the most common health problems.
To preserve the culture of a community through initiatives that respect its heritage and traditions.
Our History & Milstones
November 25, 2004, with Pope John Paul II and his eminence Sabah and members of the newly appointed Board.
CIDO Chair, Shawky Fahel (behind the Pope) was appointed to St. Joseph Hospital's International Advisory Board. An audience and special blessing for the Board and for CIDO's efforts to help St. Joseph Hospital and the Palestinians in Jerusalem.
A celebratory dinner at Notre Dame in Jerusalem hosted by CIDO Chairman Shawky Fahel to commemorate the partnership between CIDO, St Joseph Hospital and St. John's Healthcare.
In attendance:
His Eminence Sabah, the late Mr. Faisal Husseini, Mr. Martin, Canadian representative to the Palestinian Authorities, Sister Saliba and Members of the Board.
Working dinner at St. Joseph Hospital, Jerusalem to discuss initiatives and partnerships including the hospital beds initiative and future joint projects.
Nativity Church, Bethleham with Sister Anne Anderson, President St. Joseph Healthcare, Bruce Antenello and Brian Kelly.
Sister Salibah from St. Joseph Hospital in Jerusalem is presented with Carl Hiebert's "Gift of Wings" book by Brian Guest of St. Joseph Healthcare Ontario on behalf of CIDO Chairman, Shawky Fahel.
CIDO and St. Joseph Healthcare partners.
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